The smell is wonderful. My hair is shinier - and the colors, of which there are many - show up.  A little shampoo goes a long way. The 3rd time I washed my hair and it continued to look better and better. The colors are more themselves and my hair feels better. This is the best shampoo I've ever used.
My hair loss is less - not stopped completely, but much better than it was - probably by 50%.  When I washed my hair for the 6th time, something strange happened - my hair got cleaner than before - I guess that the old soap finally got out. I used less shampoo and there were more suds.

Melinda F.
Prescott AZ

I’ve been using what I consider top-notch hair products for many years.  When introduced to Angeline's Shampoo Conditioner in October I immediately fell in love with the formula’s fragrance and how it feels.  The ingredients are recognizable organic essential oils with proteins.  I live in the Arizona desert and my hair/scalp tends to feel dry and itchy by the 3rd day after shampooing but that’s not the case with Angeline's.  Now I only have to shampoo about every 5 or 6 days and I don’t have that drying sensation.  Something else I’ve noticed is not as much hair is lost during the shampoo process.  My hair is salt and pepper ... mostly salt ... so it’s coarser than normal but Angeline's gives it more manageability.  

Angeline's is a fabulous hair product!

Barbara W.

Oracle AZ

I have always had thin hair. When I decided to start coloring my hair, it became more damaged and frail looking. Angeline's shampoo/ conditioner was truly a miracle for my hair, now strong , shiny, and actually thickening. This is just after one month of use. Finally, a shampoo that lives up to its promises.

Margi H.

Basalt, Colorado

After struggling with psoriasis and flaky skin on my scalp and under my facial hair for years, your shampoo has cleared up those problem areas completely, no more flakes! thank you for this great product

Charlie S.

Denver, Colorado

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful shampoo and conditioner.  I just love the beautiful fragrance and after massaging it into my hair, I kept in on for several minutes while completing my shower before rinsing.  The results was a lasting fragrance and a very soft tangle-free feeling to my hair.  I have very curly hair and this shampoo is great because it doesn't weigh down my curls!

I love it!  Thank you!

Julie L.

Greenwood Village, CO

The very first time I tried Angeline's shampoo conditioner I was amazed from the results.  My hair became shiner and thicker and more vibrant and alive, it is so exciting to feel your hair become youth full all over again, like I was in my teens when my hair always felt that good.  I am happy to say my hair feels great, bottom line is , it is the best unbelievable miracle shampoo conditioner i have ever used.  Scalp feels great and the oils fell right on, I have thick fine long curly hair and my age is 62 years old , you can't beat that, thank god for Angeline's Shampoo/Conditioner, it's a God sent..


Basalt, Co       

Great, great shampoo, Linda. Thank you.



Just so you know, I was in Florida from March 3 - 14th and didn't have my shampoo with me. Used a good baby shampoo and still lost hair.  When I got back home it only took two washings to get my head clean and back to losing only a few hairs. I love your shampoo and will buy more when it is time.

Love M.


After using Angeline's Shampoo, I absolutely love the results on my hair.  It is much more manageable, has great body, feels like  my hair is so much cleaner.  The simplistic factor of not having to use a conditioner or styling aids.  It keeps for at least a week without the need of shampooing daily.  The cost is so reasonable, it has been 6 months before I needed to purchase another bottle.  Well worth it!


Aspen, CO

Angeline's Shampoo is an amazing shampoo/conditioner.  It cleans my hair so much better than any other product and the body that it gives to my hair is unbelievable without the need for any additional styling aids.  The smell is intoxicating and the shine is incredible.  I would highly recommend this shampoo/conditioner as one of the best!

Judy D.

Fountain Valley, California